Discover data-driven tactics that boost marketing ROI.
WITHOUT getting lost in numbers.

Are you a rising marketing star?

Eager to make your mark?

But numbers just aren't your thing?


You can drive super marketing results with data without diving into the data.

The secret? (shhh!)  Data diving and data analysis is for analysts!
You have better things to do.
Because your zone of genius is marketing.


Find out how to be the results driver
Not the [data] diver

“You translate, bridge the gap, it’s relevant. You make it make sense to us."

“Now I can see the path forward on my own. I’m not just blindly following some analytics guy.”

“You never drown us in the depths of analytics.”


Proven techniques • Measurable impact

Join us

February 25, 2021

Live Interactive Event with I.M.P.A.C.T.

  • Ignite greater marketing results with crazy-smart use of data insights 
  • Move from being time-starved to resource-rich
  • ​​Plan your path to amplify what works for you
  • Achieve freedom from bad data and tagging headaches
  • ​​Clearly see how personalization and marketing-AI can boost your success
  • ​​Turn chaos and confusion into promise, purpose and profit achievements
When we create a strategic analytics plan for one of our clients, some of whom are household names and Fortune 500s, we charge $10,000 and up.  With I.M.P.A.C.T., you're getting your version of that plan.
Exceptional results can happen fast with strategic analytics. As an example, one non-profit increased revenue by $100,000 in just three months.

And that's the success we want for you too.
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Founder and CEO of ClickInsight 

June Li has taught marketers, analysts & developers from around the world (including Silicon Valley!) how to strategically get the most from digital analytics and turnaround their marketing.

June’s commitment is not to just deliver the information – it’s to ensure you understand and apply.

Teaching is hands-on and guided.
You will learn, understand and do.

That’s a promise.

This is NOT your typical online event

Walk away with new understanding and your customized plan to drive measurable marketing impact

  • Live interactive sessions supported by backup teams including Live Checkin, Help Desk and Breakout Room management
  • Bake the learning in with Learn-Do-Share small-group breakouts (we mean small, 3-4 people – share, learn, and connect!) 
  • ​Surprises & prizes for Playing All In 
  • ​Workbook shipped direct to you, anywhere in the world
  • Get clarity by asking questions live, in special Q&A sessions or submit a request for Laser Coaching 1:1
  • ​Make new connections 
  • ​Apply learnings without delay
Worried this will be another brain-fry of new ideas you can’t fit into your work day? No! 
Small hinges swing big doors. You’ll learn how to make small powerful changes to the actions you already do. It’s a DOING event: Learn. Do. Understand.
You’ll leave the event confident. Ready to take action. 
What's Happening...

Session 1 – Strategize to Attain the Outcome you Want

What marketing performance improvement are you seeking? Get specific – what does success look like? Escape the overwhelming volume of data, to inhabit the role of driver of insights and results.

Session 2 – Crystallize your Actions

Identify the barriers in your way and explore options to fix, overcome and break through to get the outcome you seek. Move from data diver to results driver.

Session 3 – Actualize your Plan

What are your minimum next steps? How will you mobilize your team? Who will you need to enroll in your vision? You’ll leave this workshop with concrete, clear next-steps. 
  • Schedule
    This live digital event will run on – you guessed it – Zoom.
    10 am to 5 pm. Breakouts and breaks scheduled throughout.  Time to think, question, discuss and apply.  Each session builds on the one before, so plan to attend the entire event.
  • Check-in
    Live online check-in and tech check on the day before the event, February 24 so that we start without delay.
  • Prizes & Surprises
    Get the most out of this event by being present and undistracted. You’ll get points for participating – the more participation, the higher your ascension on the Power Points Leaderboard. Prizes to the leaders!
  • ​Bonus Live - Surprise guests on Friday February 26 at 11 am ET. Your chance for practical insights into personalization and AI from a strategic marketing point of view.  
"Results oriented, solutions focused – ClickInsight is a fantastic web analytics firm. For the past 6 years they’ve helped us use data to drive change specific to BlueShore Financial’s online marketing channels."

– AA
Web Operations Manager
“Great team to work with – I’ve had the pleasure of both working with this team and attending their training sessions. Excellent insights, communicated well. I look forward to working with ClickInsight again!"

– KD
UX Experience Specialist
My trusted Google Analytics experts - ClickInsight turned the complex task of tracking multiple similar websites into a pleasant, manageable one. They armed us with the tools and knowledge we need. When I hear of a need for Google Analytics support, I always recommend ClickInsight."

– SC
Engagement Marketing Canada


Now is the time to make your move.

There has never been a better time to raise your game. 

We’re seeing it every day.
So are you.
Those that don’t seize the opportunity will be left behind.

In 3 days, you'll create your very own plan to escape the data jungle, command the driver's seat,
and pivot towards greater, visible growth.

Got questions? Ask us.

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